Three Important Considerations for Storage Facility Selection

Posted on: 12 October 2017

If you are dealing with insufficient storage space in your home, you should consider looking for a self-storage facility. This solution is ideal for reducing clutter in your house without disposal and for securing valuable items which no longer fit into the rooms. If you are planning on renting a unit for the first time, you might find the options overwhelming. Therefore, here are some factors to help you identify the best storage facility to match your needs.

Convenience of the Location

You should consider the convenience of the location when choosing a storage facility for your goods. In general, it is advisable to rent a unit which is close to your place of residence. This option will allow you to access your property with ease. On the other hand, storage facilities which are further from populated areas are often cheaper. Therefore, you might want to opt for a distant location to enjoy the cost benefits, particularly if you are thinking about long-term storage. The right choice will depend on your access needs and budget. If you do decide to use a unit in a relatively remote location, you should ensure that you can access the facility with ease from highways.

Security Features

The security of the facility is paramount during the selection of self-storage space. You should review the premises and make sure that the ownership or manager has taken the necessary precaution to protect the stored goods. The business space should have around-the-clock video surveillance to deter intruders and to capture suspicious activities. Also, each unit should have an alarm feature which is triggered in case of tampering. Additionally, the facility should be well-lighted, and the premises should be completely fenced in and gated. If the safety of your items is not guaranteed in your preferred establishment, you should look for an alternative. 

Unit Options

You should check the range of storage units available from the different local facilities. Ideally, you should choose an establishment which can offer storage rooms in multiple sizes. This choice will give you various options in terms of interior capacity and prices. Also, you should not settle on a facility when you find a single favourable unit. You might want to upgrade or downgrade in the future as your requirements change. Therefore, you should review all the possibilities before making a decision.

Finally, you should think about other important selection factors such as access hours, customer service, insurance options and payment methods before renting your storage unit.