Self Storage | 3 Step-By-Step Guidelines For Packing and Storing Pillows in Vacuum Bags

Posted on: 20 November 2015

Whether you are moving homes or going on a long-term working holiday, storing most of your household items in a self-storage unit until you return is a smart idea. Preparing your pillows for longstanding storage can be simple, but it takes a little bit of effort to ensure the job is done properly without damage. Your pillows need a little extra care to ensure they remain in pristine condition while in the self-storage unit, so preserving them in vacuum bags is an excellent solution because it sucks out all the impure air and bacteria present in the bag. Here are some step-by-step guidelines to help you pack and store pillows in a vacuum bag.

Air Dry and Fluff Out The Pillows

If you have a clothes dryer at home or in your apartment building, you can place your pillows in them for a thorough clean. But set it for air dry only because too much heat may burn your pillow filling. Air-drying removes any traces of moisture and mildew present in the pillow filling. Before placing your pillows in the self-storage unit, air-dry and fluff them out as much as possible to get rid of any odours and dirt that may be present on them.

Place in Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags are good choices for protecting pillows in the self-storage unit because they remove all the air and contaminants from the bag. The vacuum suction also removes the amount of space they take up in storage. Simply place your pillows into vacuum storage bags. Depending on your pillow size, you may need to place only one pillow per vacuum bag. Do not stuff your pillows because you'll want them to be fluffy and not flattened.

Remove the Air From the Vacuum Bag

Once the pillows are gently placed inside the vacuum bag, you can seal the zipped closure. Once you have closed the bag, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the air out of it. This will provide an airtight seal to prevent mildew, dirt and odours from damaging your pillows in the self-storage unit. You simply need to insert the hose into the open valve and switch on the vacuum. Once all the air has been removed from the bag, you can close the valve cap. Seal the bag tightly with packing tape to ensure that nothing opens out when your pillows are in the self-storage unit. Place these vacuum bags on top of your other furniture to keep them away from moisture-laden floors and walls to retain their good condition.

Use these step-by-step guidelines for placing your pillows into the self-storage unit.