Quick Tips for Protecting Items You Keep in a Self-Storage Unit

Posted on: 17 November 2015

Putting items in a self-storage unit can be a good way to protect your belongings; if you store sporting goods in a storage unit, they're less likely to scratch and dent your car in the garage. You can also store paperwork from a business or tools that you need to use for being self-employed, and this too will mean they're less likely to get lost or misused by someone in the home.

Simply putting your items in a self-storage unit will not protect them on their own. You need to ensure that you store them properly and keep them secure when in storage. Note a few quick tips for how to do this.

1. Use plastic, not cardboard

Cardboard boxes may protect items in your own basement, but unless you choose one that is climate controlled and inside a storage building, a self-storage unit is more exposed to the elements. It can allow for water and moisture to form around your boxes and, in turn, they can expose your stored items to this moisture. Holes can also form, and then mice, moths, and other pests can infest your items. The weight of boxes stacked on one another can also cause them to eventually collapse, and your items get damaged.

Invest in plastic or rubber tote and bins, even for lightweight items or items you don't think need that much protection. This will allow you to stack them without risk of collapse and keep items protected from moisture and other damaging elements.

2. Upgrade your lock

Most storage facilities will provide you with a lock for your unit, but it's good to think about upgrading this to something stronger and thicker. You might even ask for a unit with two locks so you have more protection from someone picking the lock or trying to cut it with bolt cutters. Rather than rely on the flimsy lock you're provided, even if it's an added cost to you, invest in a thicker, stronger lock for your unit.

3. Keep things organized

As with storing things at home, keep things organized so that they're protected. Don't stack your sporting goods on top of one another or simply lean them against a wall, as then they could fall and scrape or break something. The right totes will help you do this, but use common sense as well. Put sporting goods on the other side of the unit from your boxes of clothes and papers, and keep tools and sharp objects separate from furniture items and anything that can easily be torn or otherwise damaged.

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