Wondering What To Do With A Deceased's Estate? Put It In Self Storage First

Posted on: 26 January 2017

In the unfortunate circumstance that a close friend or relative passes on, there is usually the need to handle their estate. If the deceased lived in their own property, that need is not usually urgent. However, if they lived in a rented property, such as an apartment, their property will need to be removed and kept somewhere safe until a decision can be made about what to do with it. A great option for this is self storage. Read on to see why.

Allows you to empty their apartment ASAP

The need to remove the deceased's estate from their former property is usually an urgent one. Luckily, there is always a vacant self storage unit somewhere. That said, self storage facilities allow you to undertake the removal process fast. This is highly convenient, and it saves you from having to result to poorly thought-out options, such as keeping the stuff in a basement or giving it to a trash removalist. 

You get to handle the property directly

When you hire a self storage unit, you get to handle the property and the unit directly. You are personally responsible for loading the unit and emptying it. This is a plus, because it gives you full control over the storage. You can also retrieve any of the stuff any time you wish. As a result, you are able to ensure that the deceased's estate is handled with utmost care and dignity by overseeing the entire process or by carrying out the removal yourself.

Flexibility of storage durations

Another perk of using a self-storage unit when it comes to such a situation is that you have the leeway to keep the estate stored inside the unit for as long as you need. You can either hire the unit on a month-to-month basis or short 3-month duration until you no longer need it. As you can imagine, it could take some time before a decision is made about what to do with all the deceased's possessions. 

Security and privacy

It goes without saying that a deceased's estate must be kept safe. The deceased's children or relatives might want to inherit some of the furniture or to collect some of the sentimental items. Thankfully, self-storage units provide all the privacy and security needed. With security personnel on the grounds full time, video surveillance, and your own locks at the door, the estate will be in safe hands. 

Self storage units are spread out all across the country. Find one nearest to you for maximum convenience.