Questions to Ask When Considering a Cool Room Installation

Posted on: 10 December 2015

A cool room can be a necessity in a restaurant or any type of dining establishment, as stand-alone cases may not offer the space needed to keep your entire inventory on hand. A cool room can also allow you easier access to inventory items and make them more visible, as they are out on shelves and not put away in drawers or in the back of a refrigerator. If you need a cool room installed in your facility, you might note a few commonly asked questions first. Discuss these with your contractor so you know you get the right choice for your facility and know what to expect with installation.

1. Is an indoor or outdoor unit better?

This will ultimately be your decision, but your contractor can help you decide. An outdoor unit frees up the space you have inside, so it may be better for smaller kitchens and restaurants. However, this means your employees will need to constantly walk in and out of the building for supplies. The unit will also be exposed to direct sunlight, rain, snow, and the like. 

An indoor unit is more protected and more convenient but also needs adequate space. You might also need to run the air conditioner in your kitchen more often so that the indoor unit doesn't get too warm from the heat of cooking, and this can increase your utility bills.

2. Do you need humidity control as well as temperature control?

Humidity control might be needed in areas that often have high humidity levels outside, such as in the tropics. If you cook with lots of water in the kitchen, this can also increase the humidity levels. Additionally, if you store vegetables and foods that are not vacuum sealed or otherwise tightly packaged and which can be affected by humidity, you may need humidity controls as well as temperature controls for your unit. Discuss this option with your contractor so you can see what he or she recommends for your space.

3. Ask if your facility has proper utilities run to the space

Typically, you would need to ensure that your building has adequate electricity for your cool room and, if needed, plumbing for a drain or water runoff. Check with your contractor before deciding on a cool room because if you need to upgrade your facility's wiring or run new pipes to the area, this can add to the cost considerably. You may decide to downgrade to a smaller unit or change its planned location accordingly.

For more information, contact a cool room installation company in your area.