Factors Determining Self Storage Rental Prices

Posted on: 23 November 2015

Self storage is a great way to keep things that you don't want to clutter your home or commercial buildings for as long as you wish. However, one thing that home owners and business operators alike usually put into consideration before renting self storage units is storage cost. There are several things to be considered when determining the self storage prices for units. Here are a few crucial ones that you may need to know about.

Size of the storage unit

How much space do you think you will require to store all your items properly? The amount of space you need will influence the self-storage rent charged. In general, you should expect to pay more the larger the size of the self storage unit that will be rented out to you.

Bear in mind that you will need to have an accurate estimate of the volume of space you'll need well in advance. You might find it useful to make a stopover at a self storage facility so you can check out the actual unit sizes available. Alternatively, you can seek the aid of a storage size guide many of which can be found at self storage consultancy bureaus.

Once you've identified the correct size for the self storage unit you want to rent, you should call and then ask for a price quotation. If you are paying for the storage space on a per square foot basis, you might need to consider the height of the unit since you'll be able to stack up more stuff by renting containers with greater heights.

Climate control

In virtually all regions, climatic patterns usually vary throughout the year. During some days, it can get extremely hot while during some other days, it can get really cold outside. There are some things that may not endure being exposed to these extreme climatic conditions, and this is the time when you'll have to ponder over renting a climate-controlled unit.

If you intend to keep valuable items such as artistic paintings, expensive souvenirs or limited edition pianos, a climate-controlled unit will be vital to stop warping and other forms of climate-induced damage. Better still, if you'll be accessing the storage unit every now and then, it won't thaw or freeze in the interiors.

These and other advantages make climate-controlled units more costly to rent than regular storage units without climate control features.

Occupancy level

Availability of self storage units is another significant factor that influences rental prices. Renting a self storage unit is just like booking a room in a hotel; the higher the number of people asking for occupancy, the higher the rental prices charged. The reverse is also true.