Choosing the right outdoor shed for your specific needs

Posted on: 20 November 2015

Outdoor sheds are a great way of storing your gardening equipment as well as appliances, such as washing machines and other bits and pieces. They can blend in well with the garden and don't have to take up too much space. However, it can be a tricky process trying to narrow down the various options when you are looking to buy one.

They are available in many different materials, styles, sizes and shapes. While it all comes down to your specific needs and desires, you will need some help narrowing down the choices. Here is some advice on how to do just that.


The more traditional outdoor sheds are made out of wood. They can be easily painted to any colour that you desire, as well as being made to any size requirements. While wood is a strong material, it does not stand up as well to the elements such as rain and frost, rotting and deteriorating over time.

Metal sheds are normally made from galvanised aluminium or steel. They are cheaper to buy than wooden alternatives, but they are not as strong due to the thin sheets of metal that are used. If you live in an area that is particularly stormy, you may have to get an anchoring kit to prevent it from being damaged. They are also not as attractive as wooden sheds and cannot be painted.


The style of the shed should both cater to your specific tastes as well as fitting in well with the landscape. You don't want to have a shed that sticks out too much, drawing the eye and taking away from the rest of the garden. You want to have a colour that will camouflage against the backdrop and look like a natural structure. There are many different ways you can customize the shed, including adding salt boxes and a gable.

Don't forget about the design of the interior. Make sure that it has enough space to store everything you want as well as having doors that allow you to easily transport these items in and out. Double doors are always the preferred option, as it gives they give you plenty of space to manoeuvre.

You can even think about having partition walls in the shed in order to compartmentalise the space, having one area for storage and another area for a hobby.


It can often be a hard decision when trying to choose a size. You want the shed to be big enough so you can store everything, but you don't want it so big that it makes the garden look small. If you have an existing shed, you should measure it to have a better idea on what your room requirements will be.