Tips For Hiring A House Removalist

Posted on: 19 November 2015

If you are hiring a house removalist for the first time, you may not know some of the things necessary to make your move efficient, affordable and stress-free. So to help you out, here are some tips that will get you started in the right direction.

Go With An AFRA Certified Removalist -- AFRA is the acronym for Australian Furniture Removers Association, and it is a member organization that vets removalist by examining their safety record, safety methods, the condition of the moving trucks they use, and overall furniture-moving acumen. AFRA also offers a free moving guide kit that you can download that can help make your move trouble-free. Hiring an AFRA certified removalist can give you additional confidence that you are contracting with recognized professionals who have established a good reputation within the industry.

Look For a Company That Carries Replacement Value Insurance – Many house removalists are only required by law to carry liability insurance, but you should look for one that also carries replacement value insurance. When your furniture is being transported, your homeowners insurance may provide limited protection for anything that occurs to that furniture as it is being taken to its destination. That means that unless you hire a removalist that carries replacement value insurance, you will have to foot the difference between what your insurance company pays and what it actually costs to replace your lost or damaged items. Replacement value insurance will pay to replace any of your items that are lost or damaged beyond repair. It sets a present-day value on those items, unlike actual value insurance, which deducts depreciation. You may pay a little more for a removalist who carries replacement value insurance, but it could be worth thousands if anything happens to your furniture.

Request A Home Visit Evaluation --  Many house removalists will quote you a price based on the number of rooms you have without ever coming to see what you have in person. Make sure that you request an in-home evaluation from any prospective house removalist so that an estimate that is provided is as accurate as possible. What often happens is that removalists who only give online or phone quotes, end up charging you more when they realize that their estimate was not accurate. An in-home evaluation ensures that the removalist sees your furniture and can either offer you an estimate based on weight of your items, or number of items being moved.

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