Frequently Asked Questions About Shipping Boxes

Posted on: 18 November 2015

The thought of moving from one house to another is definitely exciting. However, the same cannot be said about the amount of time and labour required to successfully plan and execute a residential move. The use of removal boxes for transportation of household items during a residential move is quite common. This is due to the affordability, ready availability, and the recyclability of these boxes.

Discussed below are three among the several questions that moving homeowners often have about the use of shipping boxes.

What Should A Homeowner Look For In The Ideal Shipping Box?

An ideal shipping box is one that is rightly sized. There is no room for mistakes when it comes to the size of a shipping box. The size of items to be carried should be used to determine the appropriate size of boxes. Moving homeowners are advised to choose shipping boxes that are just a bit bigger than the item or items to be carried in it. For the best results, a shipping box should be large enough to accommodate cushioning material without leaving space through which carried items can move from one end of the box to the opposite one.

Which Household Items Can Be Carried In A Shipping Box

Shipping boxes can be used to carry a large number of household items including clothes, utensils, and pictures among others.

There are specially designed shipping boxes meant for the transporting clothes. These are referred to as wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes come with a bar on the inside, which allows for hanging clothes. Thanks to wardrobe boxes, clothing items arrive at the new home looking tidy and neat, without any creases.

Kitchen utensils are carried using dish-pack shipping boxes. These shipping boxes come with divider cells that protect fragile kitchen utensils (such as glasses) from damage during the move.

Pictures are carried in picture boxes whose sizes correspond with the size of pictures, paintings, and mirrors. Picture boxes help to hold the mentioned items safely in place throughout the journey.

How About Cushioning Material?

There are various types of cushioning materials that can be used with shipping boxes.  These materials help to prevent movement of household items within the shipping box.

Styrofoam packing peanuts are commonly used for cushioning of shipping boxes. They are used to fill small spaces left between household items and the shipping box. They are an inexpensive cushioning material and they can be re-used.

Bubble wrap is also a common cushioning material. It is a plastic sheeting that comes with air pockets whose size may vary. Bubble wrap is best used to cushion shipping boxes that carry fragile items.

A well-cushioned shipping box is safer for transportation of household items during a residential move.